Krzysztof Wojciech Fornalski, PhD, Eng.
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Courses and trainings

- Postgraduate studies entitled "Energetic audits of buildings" at High School of Safety and Engineering in Radom (academic year 2008/2009)

- Radiation Protection Officer course; radiation protection licence type IOR-1 and R

- Postgraduate studies entitled "Nuclear energy" at Warsaw University of Technology (the Heat Technology Institute), academic year 2012/2013

- 6 week IAEA fellowship in SCK-CEN nuclear center in Mol, Belgium (21.04-29.05.2014)

- Workshop IAEA RER/9/126 "Workshop on Advanced Safety Assessment Methods Including BEPU Evaluations, CFD Codes and Coupled Codes" (Warszawa, 8-12.10.2012)

- United Nation safety courses entitled "Basic Security in the Field II" and "Advanced Security in the Field"

- Workshop "Familiarization with calculations codes application and safety analysis workshop" (ITC, Warsaw University of Technology, 9-10.09.2013)

- Workshop IAEA RER/9/125 "Level 3 Probabilistic Safety Analysis Development and Related Issues" (Warszawa, 16-18.10.2013)

- other internal courses and trainings